‘Where families train together’
Unit 3, 54 Hoskins Street, Mitchell, ACT, 2912

Sangrok is a family orientated taekwondo club with a heavy emphasis on families of all ages training together.

At Sangrok we strongly believe that the benefits of families training together far outweigh the challenges. As a result, while some classes will have a specific focus, all students of all ages and levels are generally welcome to all classes. (Note : there are some exceptions for safety reasons usually where young children are involved). 


Sangrok is, above all, a family taekwondo club, with a focus on families training together. The majority of our members are parents training alongside their kids, but we also have plenty of adults, teens and kids who come along individually.  For this reason, all our classes are mixed ages and abilities. We love training with families, but it means we don’t have any classes specifically for young children on their own. To help you get the most out of your training we will split the class into adults and kids groups when appropriate.

The best way to try taekwondo is with our $49pp trial membership, which includes 4 weeks of training (attending as many classes as you wish) and a new taekwondo uniform. We also waive our joining fees and have a money back guarantee! 

We welcome young children (6 and under), to train with us alongside a parent or other special adult. Because of our unique family-focus and class structure, after the trial period we offer free training for children 6 and under, who train with an adult.


Sangrok is a registered club and member of Australian Taekwondo, the national organisation representing taekwondo in Australia. As a member of Australian Taekwondo, we are governed by a national governance framework, including policies relating to member (and child) safety, harassment and discrimination, and complaint handling. In addition, our instructors are bound by a coaching framework which requires all instructors to maintain an active first aid certificate and an ACT Working with Vulnerable People card. Additional training and certification is required to coach our students in Australian Taekwondo sanctioned competitions – which a number of our instructors maintain.

As a club focused on families training together, we emphasise child safety and ensure an appropriate approach to instruction is provided to students of all ages. With the majority of our students being families, and students from our Radford College branch, many of our students are under 18. This requires an approach to training for different age groups and is provided through a separate child and adult curriculum (although they train together) as well as the provision of workshops that may be limited by age or training level.


As part of Sangrok, Master Pravin is under the direct tutelage of Chief Instructor Grand Master Chang (9th Dan Taekwondo, 8th Dan Hapkido) who leads Sangrok globally. This provides an opportunity for our students to train globally with other Sangrok clubs, as well as directly with one of the world’s most experienced taekwondo Grand Masters in either South Korea or in Australia. Further, this lineage can be directly traced back to the initial formation of Taekwondo, to Jidokwan which was one of the nine founding schools of Taekwondo. This ability to trace back our training, and experience, directly to taekwondo’s Korean roots is rather unique within Australia. Additionally, Sangrok follows and endorses the Kukkiwon method of Taekwondo.


Unlike some other martial art schools, Sangrok has a permanent facility that is dedicated to taekwondo training. This provides a space that has been designed to deliver high quality martial art training, including a large training area with permanent matting, full length mirrors, and various types of equipment. Parents have access to small kitchenette (tea and coffee) and seating – but why not join in too! The facility is air conditioned, which certainly helps during the cold winter and hot summer days!


At Sangrok we are passionate about giving back to the community. Sangrok was the first club in Australia to support the Pink Belt Project, which empowers women on their recovery journey by connecting them with martial arts for healing, health, wellbeing and growth by providing martial arts scholarships to women in need – particularly women healing from the trauma of domestic abuse and/or sexual assault. Sangrok offers an annual Pink Belt scholarship – for more information check out our scholarship page. We also offer community scholarships and have discounts for emergency services and Defence Force members. Contact us for more information.


‘SANGROK’ means an ever-green tree that is always growing and improving. It represents a cycle of constant renewal and growth. Master Chang lives the SANGROK way which contains all the traditional beliefs of Taekwondo, such as respect and etiquette combined with a belief that life is here to be enjoyed. The SANGROK way of Taekwondo believes that promises must be kept and that all are welcome to learn Taekwondo the SANGROK way. The SANGROK way believes that Taekwondo will be with us throughout our lives and that we should practice it accordingly. The SANGROK way of Taekwondo offers not only the combination of high energy modern competitive training and traditional style Taegeuk Poomsae, but also a chance to learn firsthand about living the Taekwondo way.


Sangrok is the Australian arm of the Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy, an international academy with dojangs in England, Norway, US, Israel, Germany and India. The academy was created by Master Chang in 1979 with the aim of spreading the practice and beliefs of Taekwondo to students outside of Korea. Sangrok Australia was formed in 2014 by Pravin Bhatia in Canberra as a family friendly gym with a particular focus on families of all ages training together. Classes are open to all ages groups and skills, which allows parents to train with the children in a fun and health activity. This is particularly useful for parents with children who might be nervous or would prefer to join in the activity with adults or older siblings. In fact, the majority of the instructors have children who train at Sangrok and are very experienced at getting children to start and enjoy their martial arts journey. In addition to the benefit of training together, parents can grade for belts with their children, helping and encouraging them through assessments. It also improves learning as parents are training alongside their children and technique can also be practiced at home.

The classes follow a standard 1 hour format that is easy to understand, which allows children to get into the routine of the class. The type of exercise or activity tend to last no more than 15 minutes before changing to a different activity to ensure students remain engaged with the training. Additionally the family classes cover all aspects of Taekwondo, including fitness, strikes, blocks, stances, poomsae (forms), some sparring and self-defence, however, these are done on a weekly rotating basis to ensure consistency.


A gallery of some of our amazing students and families can be seen here and you can check out the rest of our website to find out about our team, our training schedule, fee structure, policies and much much more! We also have a secure section of our website for students that includes videos, recording classes and training advice.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or just jump right in with our 4 week trial membership.

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COVIDSafe Training Policy

The Sangrok Taekwondo Return to Training Plan (05.01.22) has been developed in accordance with federal and state government and Australian Taekwondo frameworks for the safe delivery of taekwondo training.  The health and wellbeing of our students and their families is our highest priority; therefore, we continually assess the COVID situation and adjust the way classes are delivered at Sangrok. These modifications have been explained below.  Please note, this information is subject to change and is dependent on current government restrictions.